Monday, November 12, 2007

Work: Our water 4

‘Polluters Pay !’ – News Tomorrow:

The dam water is to be released once the water fills to its full height. During July 2004, there was only 2 feet yet to be filled its full height. But the authorities blink their eyes as the water, if released, would suddenly cause a holocaust with its poisonous contents in these districts. There is drought in these districts and scarcity for drinking water and difficulties for irrigation. Still the dam water is unusable for these purposes. Authorities think the dam water could be let open if Mettur dam in Salem district is open, in that case the effect of the Orathupalayam dam water will be much decreased by mixing Mettur water which would take all wastes right in to Kaveri. This option still appears to be a question, as the Mettur dam has water only for 72 feet in its height and it has to wait too long for getting filled and the water released from it.

Who is to blame ? – Make the Polluters Pay !

The textile unit owners are to blame obviously. They are outright offenders of converting River Noyyal in to drainage and the Orathupalayam dam as the launch pad of chemical and biological war on the people. They can propagate that (their industrial) development of Tiruppur earns the nation a huge volume of forex. But whose development and at what cost? It is someone else’s development and the working masses have nothing to do with this industrial development, nor with the forex earned to the nation.

There were demands to get paid for silting the dam and compensation to the affected people.

Did they give an ear to these demands of citizens?

The polluters refused continuously to incur the expenditure of silting the dam till the matter was taken to the Supreme Court, which recently gave its verdict on the pollution crimes of the textile industrial units in Tiruppur and has instructed the polluters to pay for the silting work at Orathupalayam dam. The mill owners asoociation has, as the first installment, handed over an amount of Rs. 1 crore to the district collector on 15th August 2004. Yet the questions which remain unanswered are:

Would the Mill Owners’ Association make the payment in full as instructed by the Supreme Court?

Will the people and agriculturalists who have been so far affected by the waste waters be compensated by the mill owners?

What is the fate of River Noyyal in the future? The judgment of Supreme Court did not cover it. Partial concerns would lead only to the re-birth of the ghosts and re-start of the biological, chemical wars on the people.

Are the ETPs and CETPs monitored periodically? Make the facts regarding the amount of worked water by these treatment plants and the results every month.

Will the recently introduced technologies including the ‘BOOT’ resolve the waste water problem in the long term?

Why not including people’s participation and concerned NGOs in all these process?

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