Monday, November 12, 2007

Notes and News: Dengue

Dengue Dragon

Dengue fever is fast spreading in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. It is the threat today in India. WHO has advised Government of India to keep alert on Dengue. Last year it spread in Chennai. It is a slow talk in Coimbatore city today. The kind of mosquito which brings in Dengue is a real challenge to world biologists. Because these mosquitoes affect near about 500 million people all over the world. In India all states are affected by Dengue in one or other way. Last year Dengue took a toll of more than 150 in India. A number 30 times more than this would have been affected without being aware about this decease.

In India Dengue was first discovered in the year 1963. A patient in Calcutta was admitted in hospital. Before doctors found that it was Dengue, 60 more persons succumbed to the killer virus. In 1996, in Delhi hospitals 10, 252 persons affected by Dengue virus were admitted. Of them 423 were died of the Dengue fever. Dengue virus damage brain, intestine and other important organs in human body. The Dengue patient will start bleed soon and die of the decease. It is a contagious decease. This decease is spreading faster where there is population congestion is more. So it is threatening today all major cities of India.

There is no regular medicine for Dengue till date. So prevention is the best measure to combat Dengue. Once symptoms of and ambiguity about Dengue is felt in a person, instant medical check up can save him/her. Another protection against Dengue is to keep the surroundings of living places mosquito-free. Let us not allow water rust in any place. Keep all the vessels in the house holds upside down after washing them cleanly. Waste buckets and tins must be sent to recycle without fail. The food plates and water bowls used for the pets in our home must be kept clean and bacteria-free. Our dirty clothes should not be hung in the halls of the home. In ponds we can use some mosquito-killing fishes such as Gold fish. Use mosquito coils, liquidators, creams for sleeping and keep the windows net-protected.

Dengue in Thiruppur?

Thiruppur is an internationally renowned town for its garment manufacturing. There are 52 wards in Thiruppur town. The flats built in these 52 wards are un-recognised lay out areas. So these lay-out areas are neglected by the administration in terms of basic infrastructure.

On grounds of industrial initiatives and in search of water there are innumerable holes dug in every road of the town. Most roads of towns are not well metalled. So during rainy season the roads become wet paths and give place for rust of water all along the way. Added to it the cracks in the municipal pipeline system with huge quantity of drinking water being wasted on the roads. Hotels of Thiruppur are the real hells. This all add to the health degradation for the people in Thiruppur. Any contagious deceases can easily spread in the town in the margin areas.

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