Monday, November 12, 2007

Work: Our water 2

Why is the Orathapalayam dam water highly chemicalised?

Why does it cause a lot of troubles to the people ?

Does the concern is for only the distinct insects or are there some thing more than the insects?

To find answers to these questions we have to, a little, look back in to the recent past.

Dam and Development – News Yesterday:

Noyyal, a tributary of Kaveri, ‘was’ flowing through the Western districts of Tamilnadu before the ‘emergence’ of Tiruppur as an industrial town. Tiruppur is considered to be a miniature of Mumbai situated near Coimbatore, which is the Manchester of South India. The bleaching and dyeing units, spread in thousands in and around Tiruppur have, in due course, preyed on the river Noyyal, which started from Vellingiri hills, flew through Perur in Coimbatore district and reached Tiruppur.

The people of the adjacent districts – Erode and Karur were in dire need of Noyyal water for irrigation and drinking purposes. This, in time, resulted in building of the Orathapalayam dam near Chennimalai across River Noyyal. The dam was built with a height of 248 meter and length of 2290 meter and was unveiled by the Chiefminister on 22nd January 1992. The cost of building the dam was so big that an amount of Rs. 1646 million was incurred in construction work. 500 acres of lands in Erode district and 9,875 acres of lands in Karur district were to be directly benefited from the dam. The dam has six numbers of shutters in-built within it to let out water during floods.

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