Sunday, November 11, 2007

Note & News : Disaster Forecast

Animals and Birds in Disaster Forecast

Many birds and animals are believed to have the power of guessing the occurrence of a quake or other natural disaster. Evidentially before the quake that occurred in Gujarat in 2000 a horse ran random in a marriage function throwing the bridegroom who had sit on it. During the tragic time of tsunami in 2004 animals in the forests lying along coasts and zoos were not affected. Uniformly they were safe in Indonesia, India and in Sri Lanka. This proves that animals and birds have the power of guessing the disaster in advance. Added to this wonder of nature, the sea-animals are also protective of disasters like tsunami and sea deep quakes. If it was scientifically explored the future human kind will owe a lot to the speech-less species for making warnings about the forthcoming disaster.

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