Sunday, November 11, 2007

Findings: Waste Management

They believe that waste is wealth:SHG members collect garbage, make manure


At present, five SHGs are entrusted with the task in Punjai Puliampatty.

Waste is wealth, if properly used. Members of self-help groups are proving it.

They are collecting garbage door to door in Punjai Puliampatty municipal area and making manure. The Third Grade Punjai Puliampatty Municipality hitherto had its own conservancy workers to collect garbage. Now SHGs collect garbage, segregate it and make manure. At present, five SHGs are entrusted with the task in 15 wards. Soon all wards will be handed over to SHGs.

In other wards too

Similarly, six SHGs will start garbage collection in six municipal wards in Gobichettipalayam Municipality from December 1.

Municipal officials said that in Gobichettipalayam municipal area, 27 tonnes of garbage is collected everyday by workers of Health Department.

The municipal administration is spending more than Rs. 10 lakhs per month on conservancy workers.

With SHGs collecting garbage, the municipality stands to gain.

More to follow suit

The members are allowed to collect Rs. 10 per month from each house for garbage collection. The district administration is holding discussions with officials of other municipalities on engaging SHGs for garbage collection.

(According to Press Source)

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ackumar.covai said...

Hi, much useful to learn from these women about converting waste in to usable produces.