Sunday, November 11, 2007

Policy View: Rain and Aftermath

Water - now a source of misery

It is water everywhere. For the villagers of Thalayakattur the recent rain has only brought miseries with it. No transport vehicle has entered the area for the last 15 days... children were unable to go to school... no work for villagers... no fodder for their cattle.

We are held up in the village and could not go to Erode or other places, because of the flood.

The village, located near the Vellode Birds Sanctuary, is 12 km from Erode. More than 100 families comprising 400 villagers are living there. Most of them are farmers or agricultural labourers. About 75 children are attending Pungampady Panchayat Primary School and Vellode Government Higher Secondary School.

The water from Lower Bhavani canal reached the Big Tank in Vellode and it overflowed to the road entering the village. No one is able to leave the village too, as four to five feet of water is stagnating.

Cattle are now living on bran and cottonseeds. The villagers themselves consume the milk collected, as vegetables are not available.

Two mini buses used to ply to the village. Since they too have stopped the service, villagers have to walk 10 km to reach Vellode, which is just 1 km from Thalayakattur.

If the rain continues and measures are not taken to drain the water, they are in for an extended period of distress, the villagers say.

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karuppiahmdu said...

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