Monday, November 12, 2007

Work: Our water 3

The Gospel and the Ghost

Tiruppur is taken for a gospel with its huge textile industry, which about 4 lakhs of the entire population of the town are dependent upon. But these are only indirect beneficiaries as labourers. The direct beneficiaries are only some thousands of families who own the innumerable textile units. They freely let out the waste waters from their units in to Noyyal. The waste waters find their refuge in the Orathupalayam dam after making Noyyal drainage. The ghost takes its birth in Noyyal and performs its dance in the dam with the high chemicals of waste waters.

In fact, people used to worship the river Noyyal in the past. Now also, they consider part of the River sacred from its source at Vellingiri hills until Perur in Coimbatore. And that is the LOC of the ghost’s kingdom, which spreads although and beyond Tiruppur. The chemicalised water causes boils and skin diceases if touched and reacts as slow-killing poison if drunk. Cattle die frequently after drinking the river water. The waste chemicals finding refuge in the dam gives birth to the poisonous distinct insect which are the uninvited gate crashers every evening to the people living around.

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