Monday, November 12, 2007

Work: Our water 1

Citizens’ Concerns - News Today:

People of Orathupalayam village near Erode town are habituated to be 10 AM to 6 PM by their living condition. They cannot keep their houses open after 6 PM. A kind of poisonous insects rock their houses and bite them liberally. Those who get the bites will have their hands, legs and other body parts swollen in minutes. If those insects bite around their eyes, they cannot open their eyes the next day.

Why do the poisonous insects bite these people? Where do these insects originate? People of Ramalingapuram near Orathanpalayam speak with fear in their eyes and throat. Arappan, a resident of this village is a witness of these people’s fate and said that they had this nuisance since the Orathapalayam dam was built in 1992. The water of the dam is usable neither for drinking nor for domestic purposes. The dam water caused various skin deceases to them. The distinct insects actually take their life from the dam and visit the people’s houses as uninvited gate crashers.

People here walk a 3 km distance to fetch drinking water though the dam is filled with sufficient water. Meenakshi of the same village is another person to depict the sorrow of Orathapalayam. According to Meenakshi, the dam is the source of trouble in their life as against it was believed that the dam would serve them as panacea. Meenakshi says it would be a big question regarding letting out the water from the dam, as the water is highly chemicalised. When it is getting dark every day, the poisonous insects come out in hundreds from the dam and attack the people with their sting. They, immediately after getting the bites, feel itches all over their body followed by swellings and pain in all body parts.

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