Monday, November 12, 2007

Policy View: One family; one tree????????

Propaganda for Growing Tree and Protection of Rural Trees and Forests

‘One family; One tree’ is the slogan propagated by all sectors concerned with environment. As regards with rural areas, this slogan has only little bearing as trees grows in villages naturally. These trees of villages will help us to withstand the hot summer and purify the air which we breath in. This natural wealth of our rurals is depleted by malicious acts of humans. Thousands of these trees are felled every day in the villages by those who use trees for their business and various other purposes.

A considerable portion of the green cover is destroyed in the villages by land owners. They say the reason that the shadow of the trees prevent better growth of their crops. On the other hand, hundreds of lorries of loads of trees are moving every day from villages for business purposes.

In Thiruppur and surrounding areas, now a days, trees are seen only by side of small temples. Big trees can be sited only along side the national highways. Mostly neem trees are felled unscrupulously.

The grama sabha meetings held every week in the villages on behalf of panchayats do not deal this issue. The grama sabhas should deal the matter seriously as to protect the trees of the villages. Governments and ngos are making a hue and cry for growing trees in the urban areas. But such awareness or protective measures are not taken in rural areas.

Rural areas have natural protection mechanism as the working masses themselves are the best protectors of trees and green cover. They are highly exploited due to their economic dependency on landlords and commission brokers are given a free hand to carry away the natural wealth. Forests around rural areas are severely affected by these selfish business minded persons.

In fact, the slogan ‘one tree; one family’ or ‘grow tree; more tree’ is an eye wash and ironical when large quantity of our natural wealth of rural areas and forests. Plant millions of trees in the urban areas; No use unless tree felling in villages and depletion of forests is stopped.

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