Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Women and Environment



Migration of males due to industrialization of towns derails women’s roles in rural areas

The reckless destruction of forest and masculine industry in the towns pulls men from rural areas out from their living places. It leads to increasing feminisatin and senilisation of the society in the bottom. This trend in rural areas dramatically compounds the toil and hardships faced by the rural women. In the absence of most able bodied male members, the burden of running the household, tending the land and cattle is shouldered entirely by the women.

The top crises arising out of depletion of environment and resources: women being the centre point
As the forest cover declines there is a huge fuel wood and fodder crisis.

Destruction of forest cover also affects the volume of water discharges from the watersheds. This forces women to trek or walk miles of distances for water, fuel wood and fodder. The lengthier forage time resulted in immense physical exhaustion and enormous hardships.

The depleted forest covers in the rural areas, home to many wild animals, exposed the village people and livestock to their unwelcome visits as the animals strayed in to the village in search of shelter and food. All this tend to a desperate situation and called for immediate action.

Women in the subsistence..…….be motivated!

It must be the women of the villages that should protect forest cover, engage in rejuvenation and responsibility of guarding the forests to save the future of the life. Rural women bear the brunt of the problems caused by environmental degradation. So it is not surprising to find that they are trying to set things right. "The women who participate in and lead ecology movement in countries like India are not speaking merely as victims. Their voices are the voices of liberation and transformation which provide new categories of thought and new exploratory direction" (Anna Rodda in Women and Environment).

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