Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Urban Health


Health Degradation takes life of youth in Coimbatore

People mass-packed and struggled against health degradation which took life of a youth in Coimbatore. Athuppalam area is one of the health-wise ruin areas in Coimbatore city. The housing flats are in this area are situated near drain canals and bio wastes from the slatter shops are being dumped in the drain canals for many years. These drain canals never silted and have become the source of life-taking deceases.

A school student, aged 14 and son of a coolie worker Abdul Nasar died of ill health in the hospital in the last week of November, 2005. On hearing the death of the youth in the hospital people gathered in hundreds in national highways and went on to stage road-picketing under the guidance of Akbar Ali, the district president of Tamilnadu Muslim Progressive Council, an organisation in understanding with CHUVADI. The struggling people shouted slogans for persuading the administration for taking immediate step for silting the drain canals in that area. Their demonstration lasted over two hours from 9.30 am to 11.30 am on 25 – 11 – 2005. Due to blockade of the roads traffic was jammed, consequently officials arrived at the spot and held talks with the struggling masses. An agreement was achieved between the administration and the people that the public plea would be accepted and silting work would soon be started by the administration. The people gathered were numbered over 600 including 100 women.

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